Dr. Liam Beiser-McGrath

Liam Beiser-McGrath is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics and Director of the PECC Lab at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also a Research Associate at ETH Zürich and organiser of external pageEPG Online, an online seminar series covering Environmental Politics and Governance. His research primarily focuses on the political economy of climate change, using experimental research designs and machine learning. This research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Science Advances, Nature Climate Change, Political Analysis, Regulation and Governance, Political Science Research & Methods, and Climatic Change.


Beiser-McGrath, Liam F., Thomas Bernauer, Jaehyun Song, Azusa Uji. (Forthcoming) Understanding Public Support for Domestic Contributions to Global Collective Goods - Results from a survey experiment on carbon taxation in Japan Climatic Change

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F.; Bernauer, Thomas and Aseem Prakash. (Forthcoming) external pagePolarizing Politics: The Effect of Policy Conflict Amongst Branches of Government upon Public OpinionJournal of Public Policy

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F.; Huber, Robert A.; Bernauer, Thomas; and Vally Koubi. (Forthcoming) Parliament, People, or Technocrats? Explaining Mass Public Preferences on Delegation of Policy-Making Authority. Comparative Political Studies

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. (Forthcoming) Current Surveys Are Likely to Underestimate Climate Change Skepticism: Evidence from List Experiments in Germany and the USA. PLOS One

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. (Forthcoming) Domestic Provision of Global Public Goods: How Other Countries’ Behavior Affects Public Support for Climate Policy. Global Environmental Politics

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. (Forthcoming) external pageSeparation and Rare Events. Political Science Research & Methods​

Beiser-McGrath, Janina and Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. (2020) external pageProblems with Products: Control Strategies for Models with Interactive and Quadratic Effects.Political Science Research & Methods 8(4), 707-730

Bernauer, Thomas; Prakash, Aseem and Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. (2020). external pageDo Exemptions Undermine Environmental Policy Support? An Experimental Stress Test on the Odd-Even Road Space Rationing Policy in India. Regulation & Governance

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. (2019). external pageCould Revenue Recycling Make Effective Carbon Taxation Politically Feasible? Science Advances.

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. (2019). external pageHow Vulnerable is the Paris Agreement to Commitment-Failures? Insights from Survey Experiments in China and the United States. Nature Climate Change 9(3): 248–252.

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Robert A. Huber. (2018). external pageAssessing the Relative Importance of Psychological and Demographic Factors For Predicting Climate and Environmental Attitudes. Climatic Change, 149: 335–347.

McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. (2017). external pageHow Strong is Public Support for Unilateral Climate Policy and What Drives It? WIREs Climate Change

McGrath, Liam F. (2017). external pageInsuring Against Past Perils: The Politics of Post-Currency Crisis Foreign Exchange Reserve Accumulation Political Science and Research Methods 5(3): 427-446.

Bernauer, Thomas; Dong, Liang; McGrath, Liam F.; Shaymerdenova, Irina and Zhang, Haibin. (2016). external pageUnilateral or Reciprocal Climate Policy? Experimental Evidence from China. Politics and Governance 4(3): 152-171.

Bernauer, Thomas and McGrath, Liam F. (2016). external pageSimple Reframing Unlikely to Boost Public Support for Climate Policy. Nature Climate Change 6, 680 - 683  

McGrath, Liam F. (2015). external pageEstimating Onsets of Binary Events in Panel Data. Political Analysis 23(4): 534-549.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Inequality in Perceptions within and between EU Member Countries (2015) in external pageBeyond the Crisis: The Governance of Europe's Economic, Political, and Legal Transformation. Oxford University Press.

Governance Indicators (2015) in external pageThe Governance Report 2015. Oxford University Press.

Under Review

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F.; Bernauer, Thomas and Aseem Prakash. Are Policies with Obfuscated Cost Implications More Appealing to Citizens? Insights From a Survey Experiment on Policies against Vehicle Pollution in Beijing and New Delhi Revise & Resubmit

Working Papers

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. Mixed Signals? How Intra-Governmental Conflict Shapes Mass Environmental Beliefs

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. Individuals or Issues? Explaining Mass Support for International Cooperation

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas. How Do Pocketbook and Distributional Concerns Affect Citizens’ Preferences Over Costly Policies? Evidence from experiments on support for carbon taxation

Beiser-McGrath, Janina and Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. The Consequences of Model Misspecification for the Estimation of Non-Linear Interaction Effects

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. Protection From Others’ Fates: How Crises in Other Countries Lead to the Spread of Foreign Reserve Accumulation

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Kaisa Hinkkainen. It Started with a Shock: When Do Financial Crises Lead to Terrorism

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F.
and Mark A. Kayser The Long Shadow of the Opposition: Electoral Benchmarking Against Previous Governments.

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Huber, Robert A. Predicting the Populist Vote

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